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Heroes Academy was founded in 2018 to support West Australian children from the community with diagnosed additional needs and their families. We support these families through community events, Mega Play Dates, Playgroup and Sunday Services in Perth, Port Kennedy (Peel region) and Bunbury.

In the community

It’s all about
the experience
at a Heroes event.

Play Dates

Mega Play Dates are organised for for primary school aged children with diagnosed additional needs (and their siblings).


Playgroup sessions are for parents and children, 0–5 years old, with diagnosed additional needs (and their siblings).


Heroes on

Support is offered for children and adolescents with diagnosed additional needs and their families to go to church.

Play a part in
changing someone’s life.

You can make a difference

Whether it be volunteering or making a donation, we invite you to join us in playing a part in changing the lives of West Australian children living with diagnosed additional needs.

What others say

Aemy, Parent

“Whenever my boy hears the word Heroes Academy Mega Play Date, he gets so excited over it! It is such a joy to see him have such wonderful event to look forward to. He knows Heroes Academy is a place that people ‘get him.’”

Jess, Volunteer

“I want my children to also learn to be compassionate, kind and patient when they encounter other children with additional needs in their world.”

Juliet, Parent

“Heroes Academy has been a huge blessing for us! For our boys, they literally have the time of their lives. Not only is every interest catered to, but each child also has a dedicated carer assigned to them for the day.’”