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See how lives have been impacted


We do what we do to make a difference in the lives of the children and families we support. It brings us great joy when we hear of how their lives have been impacted from caregivers who are part of Heroes Academy.

from Caregivers

Juliet, Parent

“With our extended family’s interstate, and one of our children having additional needs, the opportunity for respite is rare. For my husband and I to enjoy brunch together, organise what we need for our home renovation, grab a leisurely coffee… these are very difficult with our children in tow. So, it is fair to say that Heroes Academy has been a huge blessing for us! For our boys, they literally have the time of their lives. Not only is every interest catered to, but each child also has a dedicated carer assigned to them for the day.

“The support is amazing! My husband and I feel confident leaving our children with the Heroes team, knowing they are in wonderful hands – and having a ball. The icing on the cake must be the lunch we have together when we collect the boys. Whether it is a sausage sizzle or pizza party, we always enjoy our chats with the other families and the friendly Heroes team.

“Thank you so much. You do such wonderful work for WA families.”

Aemy, Parent

“Whenever we mention Heroes Academy, our boy, his face just lights up! He looks forward to 5pm church service every Sunday. And whenever he hears the word Heroes Academy Mega Play Date, he gets so excited over it! It is such a joy to see him have such wonderful event to look forward to.

“He knows Heroes Academy is a place that people ‘get him.’ As parents we feel so blessed that we can all go to church together as a family — something we do not take it for granted.”

Kylie, Parent

“When my son Tobias was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder and autism, I was thrust into a world that was foreign and overwhelming; the simplest of things like shopping or trips to the park became increasingly difficult, the list of therapist and reports was endless, and self-care became a distant memory. Family support and previous friendships disappeared, as our worlds were so different now; I felt lost, lonely, and desperate for connection for both my son and me.

“When we found Heroes Academy, we quite literally found our ‘home’, a place where I did not have to explain my son’s behaviours, a place were other parents and cares were walking the same journey I was, a place of total acceptance and connection. ‘Come just as you are’ was not just a catch-phase, everyone at Heroes Academy embodied it, we were welcomed with open arms – and a great cup of coffee!

“Tobias has been attending Heroes Academy Events and Sunday Heroes for almost 2 years now. The changes I have seen in him during this time have been incredible; his very first full sentence was, “Mummy we go Heroes” and from my minimally verbal son this expresses it all — he has found his tribe, a place where he is loved and welcomed just as he is. As for me, I have found so much more than I could have ever dreamt of; understanding, support, love, and friendship; authentic people to do life with.”